Band Members

Conductor – Michael Stanley
** denotes first chair musicians


Olga Bergh
Wendy Bradley
Tracy Bronstein

Karen Casady
Gail Dearing
Elaine Fischer – Board Member, Treasurer
Lorinda Murdoc-Lane
Eileen Milnes-Collins
Nicole Peterson
Jim Radon**

Stan Levine

Virginia Moore

Brian Wilcher (Eb) – Board Member
Alan Duncan** Concert Master
André Giacomelli – Board Member
Aram Klijian
Steve Langinger
David McEown

Jim Murphy – Board Member, Historian
Rylee Thompson


Kristi Kubo

Steve Danchik**
BJ Deculus
Karen Higgins

Bill Weinstock


Paul Baker



Ron Barrows
Mel Bator

Geoffrey Berens, Board Member
Eric Haack, Board Vice-President
Bob Kennedy

Julie Levine, Asst. Conductor, Operations Manager, Librarian  & Webmaster
John Schirmeister
Haruna Yamamoto

Zoe Farmingdale
Steve Garberson

James Rose**

Ed Hirsch

John Mitchell** Board Member
Kerstin Myers

Steve Homer
Stephen Newman** – Board President

Fred Saluna

Larry Ballenger (Board Secretary)
Bobby Perino

David Downs
Chuck Perelman



Ken Meyer
Kirsten Orcutt
Jim Thompson

Sandy Wilcher

In Memorium


Paulette Westphal, Musical Director and Conductor
John Sparks, Baritone Saxophone
For those who didn’t know him, he was the kindest person you would ever meet. While Lockheed was still in Burbank, John joined the employees band (1982). When Lockheed moved to Palmdale, he continued to play with the band while it struggled to stay afloat. At that time, Don Holcomb took the reins as Director and Don’s wife Mary continued to play clarinet and came up with great ideas. John took on the role of treasurer, publicity person, helped as librarian, and did whatever Don and Mary asked him to do. Over the years, John moved from alto sax to tenor and ended up on baritone. Three years ago he retired from the band and moved to North Carolina to be near his granddaughter. And he continued playing his sax!
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Domenic Rizzi, Trumpet
Arturo Armos, Trumpet
Sam Engel Sr., Alto Clarinet
Ed Cameron, Euphonium

Jacques Laffay, Trumpet
Jim Jessen, Trombone
Sandy Harr, Percussion
Mary Holcomb, Clarinet
Judy Castaneda, Tuba
John Fuller, Sax
Don Holcomb, Director Emeritus
Don Johansen, Sax, Flute
Harold Kaye, Clarinet
Tom Bursch, Clarinet
Dwight Emerson, Clarinet
Ron Higgins, French Horn
Tom Patsalis, Clarinet
Howard Anderson, Oboe
Marshall Gordon, Clarinet
Rick Orcutt, Sax
Ed Chandler, Trombone
Carl Goodwyn, Trumpet
Robert Senescu, Trumpet
Bryant Webster, Trombone